BIG Festival 2016!

logo_BIG G4F is attending the 2016 BIG Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival) in São Paulo! Every year, the BIG Festival exhibits the best independent video games in the world.

From June 25th to July 3rd, many independent developers from all over the world will get the chance to present their games to the public. The fair will also allow the professionals of the industry to meet each other. In order to encourage that, other events are also organised: the Business Forum, the BIG Impact and the BIG Playable City.


These forums will take place from June 29th until the end of the festival. A website is available for professionals who would like to plan their meetings and organize their schedule. Do not hesitate to contact us or to come and meet us if you are there.

Forums will also include various conferences, dealing with technical elements such as the game engines Unreal and Unity, as well as with cultural differences between the markets of the industry, eSports, Transmedia, and so on…

Find out all the information on the festival, the conferences and the companies attending the event official website.

GAF is attending the Videogame Economics Forum in Angoulême


Game Audio Factory will be attending the Videogame Economics Forum in Angoulême on May 16 – 17.

It will take place at the “Cité internationale de la Bande dessinée”. This second edition of VEF is dedicated to the challenges of funding and financing Video Games.

You could meet us there, we’ll be around!

Check the program by following this link:

Happy New Year 2013!

Endless Space is out !!!

Endless Space, first video game by Amplitude Studio is out on Steam. We had the great opportunity to work on the sound for this awesome 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) sci-fi Game. Guide one of eight civilizations as you strive for galactic supremacy. Will you control the entire galaxy through subtle trade and diplomacy, explore every corner of the universe to find powerful artifacts and resources, overwhelm other civilizations with your advanced technologies, or destroy your enemies with massive armadas?

Make your choice and Grab it on steam !!

GAF at the Videogame Economics Forum

Logo VEFGame Audio Factory is attending the first Video game Economics Forum of Angoulême. This new initiative of the Pole Image Magelis is an opportunity for us to expand our network without moving from our beautiful city ;)

What is the VEF :

VEF is the perfect opportunity to learn more about videogame industry new business models, improve studios strategy, and meet with investors and business angels.

From Financial Directors to Studio Executives, from Investors to Business Angels, VEF strives to becomeEurope’s largest annual gathering of the best and brightest minds in developing, distributing, funding and financing videogames.

A specific website will allow participants to book meetings with investors and business angels participating in the event.

Videogame economics forum program

Keynotes, lectures, case studies, panels will give VEF audience a deeper understanding of the funding and financing videogames market issues.

Independent games studios will learn what the keys to building a game company interesting to the eyes of Merger & Acquisition specialists are.

VEF will explore these topics (and more)

  • How to find a place in the market of free-to-play browser games.
  • How to fill tax subsidy files and get a better grasp of R&D subsidies in the European – Union
  • Online Entertainment, Online Games, MMOG’s, Browser Games, Social Games, Communities, Item Selling, Online Marketing, Viral Marketing, Free to Play, Design and Production… The world is changing!
  • How Social Games Change the Entertainment Industry
  • Expanding in the US
  • Transitioning from AAA to Premium, Freemium and so on…
  • The German gaming industry’s new blood
  • Overview of European policies to support videogames industries. How studios benefit from these. What about Tax Credits.
  • Online Distribution… Which deals for the studios?
  • From a Student Project to a Studio Project
  • French Development Studios: Economic Issues and Chances of growth
  • Hydraulic empires as an analogy to help us understand the Facebook phenomenon and see ways to work with them.
  • A man on a mission: the world’s first virtual-world economist
  • The essentials of community management on social networks
  • The impacts of digital downloads on studios, costs and revenues and the implications for developers
  • What can we learn from Facebook, Amazon and Google?
  • Building communities of players that can be sustained and monetized
  • Evolution of society, technology and communication
  • The Evolution of Online Payment Methods and Models
  • French Regions Financing Strategy
  • Eco-systems development

Wargame European Escalation

[EN] Wargame European Escalation is probably one of the best RTS of the year and we have had a lot of fun working on this game !
We have recorded the units voice overs in CZ, RU, PL, DE, FR, UK, US, and that is really immersive for the player ! Plus many sound design and mix of cinematics, we really enjoyed this mission ! Check out the trailer, we have done the sound design.

[FR] Wargame European Escalation est probablement l’un des meilleurs STR de l’année, et nous avons pris beaucoup de plaisir à bosser sur ce beau projet ! Nous avons enregistré les voix des unités en  CZ, RU, PL, DE, FR, UK, US, et c’est vraiment immersif  ! Mais aussi pas mal de sound design et de mix de cinématiques, bref, nous nous sommes éclatés ! Visionnez donc le trailer, nous en avons fait le sound design…

Winter is coming

The release of A Game Of Thrones – Genesis is coming, and pre-orders are now open on the official online store! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to save 10%, and be the first to receive your download link and activation key when the game releases September 29th, at 00:01 Paris time! This special offer is also available starting now on the digital distribution platform Steam.

So do not wait for Winter to come, and pre-order the game now to save 10%, and be one of the firsts to set foot on Westeros on September 29th, at 00:01 Paris time (GMT+1)!

“A Game of Thrones – Genesis” immerses you into the heart of the battles and intrigues between the Houses that shaped the Kingdom of Westeros. In this great strategy game, victory does not necessarily result from brute force. Treachery and deception are everywhere and can be more efficient than the most powerful army. So watch your back and show no mercy if you want to keep sat on the Iron Throne.

Pre-order A Game Of Thrones – Genesis and save 10%

More information about the game

React in the forum

Rotastic is coming into view !!!

This game is awesome.

Simple, addictive and fun !

Developed by Dancing Dots and edited by Focus Home Interactive, this is a really promising project, and we have had the honor to work on !

Join the facebook group of the game to stay tuned and be the first to play this future hit !

Checkout the new website :

The Blood Bowl World Cup 2011 opens its doors!

As new coaches come from all continents with their players over-trained and ready to fight, the Blood Bowl World Cup reasserts itself. Taking place on Blood Bowl Legendary Edition, it will allow thousands of coaches to compete to determine who is the best of them and succeed to Andriy in the Top of the Blood Bowl World Championships!

All competition starting necessarily with subscription, it is now for leagues wishing to be qualifying for the 2011 World Cup to come up.

Our goblin scribes are ready to receive applications from leagues wishing to participate today!

Get your claws and your armor, the Blood Bowl World Cup starts !

More information on the arrangements for registration and participation are available on the dedicated part of the forum

GAF : Brothers In Arms 2 is coming into view

Here is the intro cinematic of Brothers In Arms 2 Global Front – iPhone/iPod touch

And the Trailer :

Available on February 22
Published and distributed by Gameloft.
Stay tuned !

Game Audio Factory has produced voices for the game