Game Audio Factory is partner of the Crazy Mix 2012 (Mixage FOu 2012)

The concept of this contest is to create an original sound creation of 80 seconds out of a pool of sounds (raw material).
The sound library is available at :

Sound creators have four weeks in order to submit their original work, all effects are allowed…

Each participant can play 4 times :
Once in the stereo category, once in the 5.1 category, once in the 7.1 category and once in the Auro-3D 9.1 category.

Then each partner choose the creations he likes and give one or more gift.
There is no first prize, no seconde prize, no third prize…only the choices of each partner.
This contest is open to everyone and to all nationalities.


There is no technical or aesthetic criterias for participation, only one condition:
to make a Crazzzzzzyyyyyy Mix.

The award ceremony will take place during the international festival of of digital arts :
Bains Numériques #7
In Enghien les Bains (France, 95880) in the outdoor place called « Jardin des Roses » on saturday june 9 from 6pm to 8pm with all partners (the award ceremony will be also broadcasted live on the website contest).
For this special event, an Absolute 3D sound system (based on WFS surround sound) from Sonic Emotion and Euphonia will play the winner`s creations to entertain attendees with the ultimate listening experience.
The evening will follow with a big free concert of Carl Craig on the lac of Enghien…
Come with your friends…