Game Connection Europe 2012

Our BoothYES, we were once again represented at the Game Connection.

For the first time ever, Solidanim and Game Audio Factory were showing their new solution for facial motion capture in recording studios, with highly competitive conditions !!! Gleam Session should be ready soon, and most of our visitors here were already convinced, that’s a good sign !!
The deployment in all the Native Prime studios should start at the beginning of 2013, stay tuned !

And of course feel free to contact us for a private demo !

Meet us in San Francisco Feb24-March4 2011

Game Audio Factory will attend the GDC and the Game Connection at San Francisco USA, Feb24- March4, 2011.

We will have a booth at the Game Connection, thanks to Magelis, so please feel free to drop us an email and we will organize a meeting during the event !

Meet GAF at the Game Connection 2010

Game Audio Factory will attend the Game Connection at Lyon (France) this year (16/17/18th of November)

Drop us an email to meet us at the event !

GAF announce a partnership with SolidAnim

SolidAnim_Logo_DEF_CSGame Audio Factory annouce a strategic partnership with SolidAnim ( to provide simultaneous motion and sound services !

More informations soon, stay tuned !!

GAF at the Game Connection this week !

logo_GameConnection Game Audio Factory will exhibit at the Game Connection Europe in Lyon this week

Feel free to join us at our booth, number 92 on the second floor !

GAF will exhibit at the Game Connection

logo_GameConnection Game Audio Factory will exhibit at this year Game Connection Europe in Lyon (France) from 2009-12-08 to 2009-12-10

If you’re interested in meeting us at the Game Connection, please contact us before the event, or feel free to meet us at our booth in the showroom.

GAF – Modern Combat : SandStorm

ModernCombat_SandstormArtworksWe have some interesting reviews on “Modern Combat : Sandstorm”. It is pretty rare that the quality of voices is noticed on this type of games, so a big up to all the actors for their performances, and to the recording team on that project !

  • AppModo
    • “The game’s soundtrack is realistic with cinematic scenes, military voice overs, explosions, and a “Nintendo 64 Goldeneye 007-esque” heavy breathing sound effect when you’re being shot at, followed by a bloody screen letting you know you’re being shot at.”
  • iLounge
    • “Gameloft also deserves added praise for Modern Combat’s audio. The game isn’t sparing in its use of voice samples, which dot the stages and fill the intermissions, nor in its inclusion of music, sound effects, and audio tricks. Under heavy fire, speech slows down as time slows down, giving you the chance to hear the warning “rocket propelled grenade” in a drawl right before someone launches one at you. Music, though a little repetitive, plays almost continuously in the game to keep the excitement level up, rather than leaving you in silence during the action. There are moments when the sound isn’t completely fantastic, but there are far more when it’s way, way above par for the iPhone and iPod touch.”
  • Slide to Play
    • “The stories behind the missions are composed of your average war videogame tropes: defend the outpost, destroy the communications towers, man the turret, etc. These missions are explained to you by a female voice while the levels are loading. The result is that you pay less attention to the load time and more attention to your objective. This is a great idea, and we hope other developers borrow it”
  • Touch Arcade
    • “The story gets the job done, and your squad, complete with total voice-overs for all dialog really adds to the overall immersion of the game.”
  • Touch Arcade (Forums)
    • “You actually see enemies run in instead of randomly appear out of the blue which is a nice touch, and of course this is accompanied by voiceovers from the terrorists themselves.”
    • “With Gameloft’s name on this game, the quality is top notch, and even the voiceovers are done well”
  • Touch My Apps
    • «  MC: S is one of the most realistic App Store games to date; a game with a fantastic story line, voiceovers, amazing sound effects – saying that would just about cover the tip of the iceberg.”
    • “The good : Great voiceovers and cutscenes”