Mother Russia Bleeds rises on Steam!

logo_MRB1Mother Russia Bleeds is a beat ’em up game fresh from indie developers Cartel Studio and published by Devolver Digital. The game combines the traditional features of Streets of Rage with the ultra violence of Hotline Miami.

The game is set in an alternative USSR, where the player, alone or alongside 3 friends in co-op multiplayer, battles his enemies through the side-scrolling levels with the vast number of tools available in the game.

G4F participated in the creation of Mother Russia Bleeds by taking care of the sound effects production of the game!  These ranged from punch and chainsaw to the accordion throw in your opponent’s face, nothing was left to chance.

The original soundtrack was composed by Fixions, a synthwave artist that you can follow on Facebook. In his tracks, you can find the frenzy and brutality of the game with a powerful electro beat and the retro graphic universe using the numerous chiptune sounds. Or: a lesson in how to revamp an old, forgotten video game genre accompanied by a modern and explosive sound. The OST is available on Bandcamp and YouTube.


Mother Russia Bleeds is available on Steam since 5th september. Stay tuned for the latest news about the game on Facebook and Twitter.

Launch of the LocJAM 2016

LocJAM logoOnce again, Game Audio Factory is a partner of the localization contest LocJAM 2016 !

LocJAM is a non-profit videogame translation contest organized by team GLOC and the Localization SIG of the IGDA (International Game Developers Association).


An Open Source videogame, The Hotel of Madness, must be translated from english to the language of your choice. The jury composed of GAF and others international actors of the localization area, will deliberate and name the overall winner of his country in two categories, professional and amateur. The winners of each country will have the chance to be invited for a studio tour.

In addition to this, if you’re interested in the localization world, workshops will be organized all around the world by industry professional actors.

The contest is open until 27 March and the registration are still up for free so don’t hesitate to take your chance !

All informations are available on the Facebook page and the website of the event.

Best Localization Services Provider Award for Native Prime

logo-WNOn the occasion of the White Nights Game Industry Awards of the 11th and 12th of february 2016, Native Prime won the best localization service award.

The ceremony rewards the best companies for their professional achievements in the gaming industry in five category including localization.

As the french representative of Native Prime, Game Audio Factory (G4F Localisation) is so proud to share this news with you today !


We would like to thank all of our partners and the players for giving us your trust.
This is just the beginning !

Native Prime

2016 gonna be BIG!

You’ll soon discover all the new dimensions of G4F!