Rotastic is coming into view !!!

This game is awesome.

Simple, addictive and fun !

Developed by Dancing Dots and edited by Focus Home Interactive, this is a really promising project, and we have had the honor to work on !

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Game Audio Factory grows

Because we ever want to provide the best players in each specialty, another top notch guy joins the team : we are pleased to announce the arrival of Arnaud

Midi_harp_Arnaud_01> Arnaud Roy – alias Royarno – is a sound designer, composer, sound engineer and one of the most innovative and talented harpist of his generation. He has worked on many video games on most platforms, on tons of Anime, and has still few sounds to create on his midi harp…

Check out this video

MIDI HARP – Blue Itsuo by Arnaud Roy – HARPE MIDI from Arnoterra on Vimeo.