Blood Bowl 2 is out!


Several years after the first episode, Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive put an end to the fans’ expectations with a Blood Bowl 2 even more bloody!

The first reviews are unanimous: Blood Bowl 2 is a real success. Game Audio Factory worked on the sound design of the game and we are proud today to share the feedback of some industry professionals!


IgnAn excellently voice-acted single player campaign

Wccftech  “The commentary is fantastically done and more than appropriate for the game

Gamespot “Charismatic, witty in-game dialogues

Blood Bowl 2 is already available on PC, PS4 and XboxOne.

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Blood Bowl 2: First Match

Orcs and Humans compete in the very first match of Blood Bowl 2!

Blood Bowl 2, the sequel to Blood Bowl, the video game developed by Cyanide studios based on the famous board game created by Games Workshop, presents the frenetic action of its very first match on video!

The commentary is provided by the double act and undisputed kings of the mic, Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, and this first Blood Bowl 2 video sees two iconic Blood Bowl teams enter the pitch; the Humans of the Reikland Reavers and the orcs of Gouged Eye will kick the next season off that promises to be sensational!

Game Audio Factory is contributing to Cyanide development by providing music production, sound design, voice overs and localisation for this brand new episode of Blood Bowl.

Strings quatuor recording for an upcoming project!


We were recording a strings quatuor yesterday, for an upcoming project! Intense recording session @GAF Paris with Hpi and Charly and the Sinfonia Pop Orchestra !

New information coming soon on this project, stay tuned !

Aarklash Legacy OST is available!

Aarklash: Legacy will be available worldwide on Thursday September 12th on STEAM!


We are happy to unveil no later than today the HQ Full Original Soundtrack of the game.
Entirely produced by the Game Audio Factory team for Cyanide Studio, it’s available for $8 or more on bandcamp – it’s up to you to decide!
Check it out:

About the game:

In Aarklash: Legacy take the commands of a mercenary squad in search of thruth and guide them through numerous battles.

Welcome to Aarklash, a chaotic land where incessant battles between the forces of Light, Destiny and Darkness have lasted since the beginning of time. At the heart of all these battles, a group of mercenaries, wrongly accused of crimes against the Lion of Alahan, are being chased. Convinced that they are right, and intend on fighting all their enemies until the bitter end, they will set forth on an epic adventure where they will discover heavy secrets. A path littered with obstacles and many unfriendly characters await them. Go to battle, and fight for your life! Your actions will determine the destiny of Aarklash… Inspired by the Confrontation figurines universe, Aarklash: Legacy is a tactical adventure game. The player will find himself at the heart of the intrigue, which will lead him from the lands of Alahan, to Acheron, and through Behemoth. The player will control a group of 4 characters and will be responsible for leading them into battle. In order to win these battles, a large range of powers will be at his disposal. These skills can be exploited and improved, thanks especially to the loot of items and a skills tree. The social aspect is not to be forgotten: real bonds will be created between the heroes as the game progress. Fun and action are waiting for you in Aarklash: Legacy!

Blood Bowl II Teaser is out!

This short video is an introduction to the famous and legendary duo of fan-favourite commentators: Jim Johnson the Vampire, and Bob Bifford the Ogre ex-star player of Blood Bowl! In Blood Bowl 2, Jim & Bob will be with us, flesh and blood, throughout the game. They will be modelled, and animated in their Cabalvision studio that will be the main interface for the game! They will guide players, comment their decisions and will even interview key star players appearing in the huge campaign mode. Of course, they will also grace us with their wild commentaries during the matches!

Publisher : Focus Home Interactive

Studio : Cyanide Studio

Sound : Game Audio Factory

Pro Cycling Manager 2013

We have recorded the annual mass of Pro Cycling Manager. Patrick Chassé and Jacky Durand are still around to deliver their advices to the young French apprentices of pro cycling tactics.

OOAM Buddy Trailer

Game Audio Factory has produced the sound design and mixed the trailer.

More info at
Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October11st

Just a week from release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, Of Orcs and Men unveils a whole new kind of video with the Buddy Trailer. Just like the popular “Buddy Film” movie genre, which cast a pair of unlikely heroes who must band together, there are bound to be communication problems and hilarious moments. This is one of the original aspects of Of Orcs and Men. Indeed, the powerful and proud Orc warrior Arkaïl and the sly Goblin Styx don’t have much in common, and when they butt heads it allows for some comic relief in an otherwise dark and violent adventure.

Take arms, and lead rebellion of Orcs and Goblins on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC retail on October 11th in Europe. The game will also be available for download on PC worldwide on October 11th, and on October 16th on the US PlayStation Network.

A Game Of Thrones RPG – Audio Review

Last month Game Of Throne RPG came out in Europe and we are happy to announce that our work has been well received so far !!

15/20 –

[FR] ” Un gros travail a été effectué sur le doublage français et le résultat s’en ressent. Les voix sont bien choisies, le ton est souvent juste et si certains doublages versent un peu dans la caricature, ils n’en demeurent pas moins le reflet des personnages. Les musiques, elles, se calquent sur les magnifiques compositions de Ramin Djawadi dont on retrouve d’ailleurs l’envoûtant thème d’ouverture.

[EN] ” Much has been done on the french voice over and the result is affected. The casting is good, the tone is often right even if sometimes a bit caricatural, it is nonetheless a reflection of the characers. The music is modeled on the magnificent compositions by Ramin Djawadi among which are found also the haunting opening theme. ”

4/5 – Free Gamer

[FR] “On retrouvera avec plaisir quelques-unes des musiques emblématiques de la saga qui contribuent grandement à nous plonger dans cet univers si particulier. Les nouveaux venus seront d’ailleurs surpris par les effets sonores des animations. Dans le monde de Game of Thrones, les blessés hurlent, les coups claquent sur les boucliers de métal … Un très bon point donc !

[EN] “We are pleased to find some of the iconic music of the saga which contributes greatly to immerse ourselves in this unique world. Newcomers will be also surprised by the sound effects. In Game of Thrones, the wounded scream, the blows are smacking on the metal shields … A very good point !

Generation Nouvelles Technologies

[FR] “La chance du joueur tient aussi au fait que le doublage français se montre de très bonne facture.

[EN] “The luck of the player also reflects the fact that the French Voice Overs are very well executed.

[FR] “Les dialogues et les actes sont importants, leurs répercutions se font parfois sentir plusieurs chapitres plus loin mais surtout, l’histoire est prenante, bien écrite, bien doublée, agréablement accompagnée par une bande-son discrète mais efficace.

[EN] “The dialogues and acts are important, their repercussions are felt sometimes several chapters later but more importantly, the story is gripping, well written, well lined, nicely accompanied by a soundtrack discreet but effective.

OOAM Summer trailer

Additionnal Sound Design and Mix by Game Audio Factory


More info at

Of Orcs and Men, the role-playing game jointly realized by Spiders (Realization and Development) and Cyanide (Concept and Production) for PlayStation®3, Xbox 360® and PC, today unveiled a brand new trailer!

This gorgeous video lets you discover more about the story and the universe of the game. It unveils some of the many places you’ll explore on your quest while playing as Arkaïl, a fearsome Orc warrior from the legendary legion of Bloodjaws, and Styx, a Goblin master of the assassin arts. Sent on a suicide mission at the heart of the Empire of Men, these two atypical heroes who don’t otherwise get along will have to unite their efforts and skill to make their perilous mission a success: to assassinate the Emperor of Men himself.

Those left intrigued by the trailer should visit the official website, which opens its doors today! The website is the best place to learn more about the game, the story, the places, the characters, and the universe with its large gallery filled with images, artworks, and videos!

Take arms and lead the revolution of Orcs and Goblins in September 2012!


Making of the sound of Game Of Thrones RPG


Making of the sound of Game of Thrones RPG

More informations :
Title available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3
Subtitles available in English !

Publisher : Focus Home Interactive – Atlus
Developer : Cyanide Studio

Select tracks based on Game Of Thrones themes written by Ramin Djawadi


CEO : Vincent Percevault
Lead Audio  : Sylvain Buffet
Audio Localisation Manager : Charles-Cédric Hubert
Voice Director FR : Guillaume Eluerd
Sound Designers : Benjamin Michenaud, Charles-Cédric Hubert, Sylvain Buffet
Voice Recorders : Jean-François Ducreux, Fabien Bourbigot, Jean-Baptiste Merland
Music Supervisor : Vincent Percevault
Music Arranger : Yann Van Der Cruyssen
Cinematic Mixer & Editor : Marie Doyeux
Additionnal Sound Design : Fabien Bourbigot
Armor Loan : Laurent Lemoine

Making Of :
Video Editor : Luc Blanchard, Thomas Belair
Camera Operator : Gregory Brandel, Marc Churin