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Support the French Tech Poitou-Charentes

FrenchTech_logoWe are supporting the French Tech Poitou-Charentes application, initiated by the SPN. This is an important step for the economic development of our territory in the future.

The French Tech represent all people who work in the French start-ups ecosystem. The Poitou-Charentes region decided to submit an application to the labelling commission French Tech!

Either investors, designers or developer, these people represent the desire of our region to support the development of our territory. A multipolar region with numerous expertises. Our ambition is to develop new dynamic collaborations in favour of innovation and growth for our start-ups and companies in the innovation and entertainment fields.

Feel free to give your support and share the news around you!

Learn more: SPN

Our new Operations Manager has arrived!

Cyril JegouCyril Jegou has just arrived in the studio. He has been hired during the summer to be the new Operations Manager of Game Audio Factory.


With a solid background in the TV and Cinema industries, he is adding new skills to the company.


During the last four years, he has been an Operations manager in the post-production department of Euromedia France, one of the European Leader in the broadcast industry.


Welcome to Cyril!