A Xavier Collet track in Brice 3!

Logo Brice 3The movie Brice 3 has been showing in cinemas since October 19, and if you’re a fan of video games and Japanese anime, you’ll be struck by one particular scene. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the film and wants to enjoy the surprise! This scene pays affectionate tribute to the legendary manga Dragon Ball, and was set to music by Xavier Collet!

The movie in fact contains some Dantesque combat between two main characters in a Dragon Ball-type animated sequence. The music was composed exclusively for the scene by Xavier Collet and works perfectly with the image to the great thrill and delight of fans.

The music created by Xavier is a blend of ’80s hard rock largely reminiscent of the famous band Van Halen and Japanese sounds all with an extensive use of synthesizers. Not only is it a real homage to this anime, a cult for a whole generation, but Xavier has also seized the genre to share a musical style that is truly his own.

Listen to the Xavier Collet’s previous projects on our website G4F Records.

Nô Exit post-production at GAF!

Nô Exit-image newsDo you want to see Christophe Salengro in a horror comedy? Pierre Renverseau wrote the scenario of his new film by thinking about him…”Nô (Exit)” is the 5th short film of the Niort film maker. Made in the region during the summer, it begins like a comedy… but becomes fear and horror! The project is now in post-production at Game Audio Factory which realised editing, sound effects, mixing in 5.1, calibration, DCP, subtitling and authoring blu ray.

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GAF supporting the FFA Festival 2012

Dominique Besnehard

We have had the immense honor to record one of the greatest figures of the French cinema (agent of the greatest talents, actor, producer etc…), for the teaser of the French Film Festival of Angoulême (5th Edition). Dominique Besnehard and his recognizable voice amongst all is promoting the event he has created with Marie-France Brière and Patrick Mardikian in August 2008.

GAF was in charge of the voice recording, the mix, and the TV master delivery for Ars Magica (VFX) and B&S.

The TV spot has been show on the French TV

bande annonce FFA 2012 par filmfrancophone

It is great to see a such small city with so major national and international cultural events !

We will support them for the next years for sure !