Our facilities include three 5.1 editing rooms with top notch setup. The rooms had been designed by Sooch San Souci, one of the most renowned studio designer & acoustician in France.
No fans, no noise, a comfortable silence and a perfectly controlled acoustic. All noisy hardware are deported in the nodal. Our sound engineers are enjoying working in such comfortable conditions.
We have MacPro stations with Pro Tools HD hardware running:
  • DAWs: PT10, Adobe Audition, Steinberg Cubase & Nuendo, Sony Vegas, Renoise
  • Audio Editors: Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Audacity
  • Virtual Instruments: Native Komplete, East West Complete composer collection, etc.
  • Plugins: Waves Mercury Plugins, Izotope RX3, Ozone and Insight, AudioEase Altiverb & Speakerphone, Flux Analyser, etc.
  • Soundbank management: Soundminer
  • Desk: Argosy
  • Monitors: Focal Solo 6 Be with Sub6, and CMS 65 with CMS Sub
  • 5.1 Controllers: Grace Design m906 and SPL SMC